Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Upcoming Releases: 10-4

Audio/Visual (Bleach)

Add to the Beauty (Sara Groves)

Letters to the President: Expanded Edition (Hawk Nelson)

He Reigns: The worship collection (Newsboys)

Winter Wonderland (Point of Grace)

They're Only Chasing Safety:Deluxe Edition w/DVD (Underoath)

WoW Christmas: Green (Various)

Wow: 2006 (Various)

X2005: CD/DVD Special Edition (Various)

X Worship 2006 (Various)

Hero (Kirk Franklin)

In Focus: TFK history

Thousand Foot Krutch (September's InFocus group) has three major label albums, their most recent being "The Art of Breaking." Their first album is arguably their best. "Phenomenom" is one of Christian rock's best albums ever. TFK sets the pace with the title track, including heavy guitar riffs and a pounding beat. This song, and their rock anthem "Rawkfist" received much radio airplay and "Rawkfist" even made it to the X2004 compilation CD. Trevor (their lead singer) shows his talent vocally on the song "Bounce" mixing rock with rap. One of their most lyrically deep songs, "Faith, love and hapiness" shows how the world comes at us hard with it's desires and distractions, but all we need is Faith, Love, and hapiness. TFK shows their strength on the emo song "This is a call" telling the story of people who are calling out for help, in a world that leaves you high and dry. It isn't a heavy rock song, but more of a slow-paced emo song that is arguably the best on the record.
Their second release, "Set it off" was actually released before "Phenomenon" but not widely. Their first indie release "That's what people do" was followed by "Set if off." After the smash hit with "Phenomenon" they re-released "set it off" including one brand new song, and five songs from their original indie release. The aggresive-rock style shines bright on the opening song, "Everyone like me" where they sing songs to "everyone like me, not afraid to stand alone..." Highlight tracks include "When in doubt" where their emo style is seen, and "Small town" telling the story of a lonely girl's search for meaning in a small town, and finally finding it in "Jesus." The songs off of their original indie release are the last six songs and aren't as heavy musically, but are extremely deep lyrically. In fact, they even include a straight up worship song, "Lift it" where they lift up praise to God, to whom they owe their all. The concluding song "The alternative song" gives the details of how a song is supposed to go, and includes a great beat.
Overall both CDs are sellers, and show how TFK is one of Christian rock's headlining artists.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Chart Toppers

Switchfoot's new album "Nothing is Sound" currently holds the #3 position nationwide according to Billboard charts.
GMA's top ten albums are as follows:
#1 Lifesong (Casting Crowns)
#2 Mary Mary (Mary Mary)
#3 Mmhmm (Relient K)
#4 Greatest Hymns (Selah)
#5 Awaken (Natalie Grant)
#6 Until My Heart Caves In (Audio Adrenaline)
#7 Wow #1's (Various)
#8 Casting Crowns (Casting Crowns)
#9 Reflection of Something (Todd Agnew)
#10 Renovating Diverse City (tobyMac)

The top Twenty tracks (20 the Countdown Magazine)
#1 In the Blink of an eye (Mercy Me)
#2 Lifesong (Casting Crowns)
#3 Next Thing You Know (Matthew West)
#4 Brave (Nichole Nordeman)
#5 What If (Jadon Lavik)
#6 Held (Natalie Grant)
#7 The Way I Was Made (Chris Tomlin)
#8 The One Thing (Paul Coleman)
#9 For the First Time (Mark Harris)
#10 Here I am (Michael W. Smith)
#11 Who Am I (Point of Grace)
#12 Miracle (John David Webster)
#13 Friend of God (Phillips, Craig, & Dean)
#14 We Live (Superchic[k])
#15 Holy is the Lord (Chris Tomlin)
#16 You (The Afters)
#17 In the Middle of Me (Todd Agnew)
#18 Here is our King (David Crowder Band)
#19 No One Else Knows (Building 429)
#20 Hide (Joy Williams)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Return of the Singer: Kevin Max

Kevin Max (from dc Talk) is coming out with his second full-length album "The Imposter" October 11. It will feature 12 new songs plus a bonus track. It is the follow up album to his release "stereotype be" and his EP "Between the fence and the universe."
More information can be found at his web site, as well as a listen to all of his former songs, plus some hard to find songs, such as his cover of the Beach Boys "Help me Rhonda" and Queen's "Save Me."

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Your turn: Jaci Velasquez's Divorce

After only two years of marriage, Christian recording artist Jaci Velasquez filed for divorce. She hasn't been very forthcoming with details except to say that "things just didn't work out." This is one of the biggest divorce cases in the Christian music industry since Amy Grant left musician Gary Chapman for country star Vince Gill.
What are your thoughts on this? Is divorce acceptable? A good witness?

My own two cents:
Marriage is a covenant between two individuals, one that is not meant to be broken. When you say "I do", it's for forever. You even mention that in your vows..."through sickness...till death till we part." And to say that "things just didn't work out"? Come on...marriage isn't easy. My Mom and Dad have been married for over 20 years, and while it isn't always roses and butterflies, they've made it work. It requires effort, a give and take. And it is so important. The Bible likens it to Christ's marriage to the how can we profane that image by divorce? It is a sacred covenant. That's why you've got to make the right decisions the first's not as if you get a second chance. Marriage is till death...not till divorce.

Upcoming releases: 9-27

Barlow Girl-- Another Journal Entry

Steven Curtis Chapman-- All I Really Want

David Crowder Band-- A Collision

The Katinas-- Timeless

MercyMe-- The Christmas Sessions

Newsboys-- Shine: the hits (DVD +CD Special Edition)
Thrive (DVD + CD Special Edition)

Project 86-- And the rest will follow

Mark Schultz-- Mark Schultz Live, A Night of Stories and Songs (CD + DVD)

Various-- Music inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia

Source: Gospel Music Association

4 Him says goodbye

4HIM EMBARKS ON FAREWELL TOURNASHVILLE, TN - After a 16-year career defining Christian music with their signature harmonies and inspirational songs, 4HIM has announced the release of their final studio recording on INO Records November 22, 2005.Composed of Andy Chrisman, Kirk Sullivan, Mark Harris and Marty Magehee, this landmark group began their 4HIM career in 1990, after becoming acquainted with one another during their time in the vocal group Truth. Throughout their time together, 4HIM has received much acclaim for their 11 hit albums including an RIAA Gold certified album (The Basics of Life), 24 No. 1 radio singles, eight Dove Awards including three “Group of the Year,” and a Grammy Award nomination as well as Alabama’s Music Hall of Fame for The Governor’s Achievement Award."Although I am extremely sentimental about doing a final tour, I know that this is God opening the door to the next season of my life.”In addition to their numerous tours across the nation, the group has also been featured performers with the Billy Graham and Louis Palau crusades. Of their career Mark Harris comments, “I feel amazed that 15 years have passed. The fact that we are the same four guys together is evidence of God’s sovereignty and His calling.” Andy Chrisman adds, “I was 24 years-old when 4HIM started. It seems as though I’ve grown up with the other guys. We’ve been in each others’ weddings, been present when babies were born and so much more.”Just as their fans have recognized 4HIM’s ability to touch hearts, in regard to their impact on the industry, Gospel Music Association President John Styll states, “4HIM’s longevity as a group is a testimony to the fact that great voices, combined with great material, never really go out of style.” Taking a walk down memory lane, 4HIM has begun recording new versions of their biggest hits on the farewell project, appropriately titled Encore…For Future Generations. Once again their longtime producer Michael Omartian will produce the project, which will feature nine favorite 4HIM songs, in addition to a medley and one new track. The first radio single, “Unity (We Stand),” which will go for adds in October. Four bonus solo songs from each band member will also be included.To support the release, 4HIM will begin a 40-city ENCORE tour this fall thru Spring 2006. “This project will hopefully capture the spirit of the songs and where we are now in 2005 musically, spiritually and thematically it will be a trip down memory lane with a new twist,” Harris explains. “We wanted to do this last project as a gift to our loyal fans—to commemorate all the years of faithful support we have received from them.” Thinking forward to the ENCORE tour, Kirk Sullivan states, “As I sit here and think about the farewell tour and about 4HIM's final performance, I can still vividly remember the very first day we were on the road. Although I am extremely sentimental about doing a final tour, I know that this is God opening the door to the next season of my life.” Marty Magehee adds, “I always have to ask myself - has it really been more than 15 years! I feel a sense of fulfillment in that we each did what God called us to do. And if this was our race to run that we ran it and we ran it well. This was a collective agreement that it was time for us to explore each other's individual ministries. It seemed like the natural next step.” -- ©2005 CCAUTHORITY.COM BREAKING NEWS

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

TFK in the News

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH CAN FINALLY DO THE SHOW THEY WANT TO DOSEATTLE, WA - Tooth and Nail artist Thousand Foot Krutch will be hitting the road on September 20th kicking off their first headlining tour in two years. They will be promoting their current album ' The Art of Breaking'.The ' Art of Breaking' has sold over 42,000 units since release on July 19th, and the current single, “Move,” debuted at #41 on Active Rock this week after going for adds at Active Rock, Alternative, and Modern Rock radio just last week. The previous two weeks the single was in the top 5 most added and was the #1 New and Active single at Active Rock, according to Radio & Records.TFK previous two albums, ' Set It Off' and 'Phenomenon', have sold in excess of 200,000 copies. Combined, they’ve had 4 #1 and 3 additional top 5 radio singles. During their extensive concert touring, they have been able to share the stage with acts such as Jimmy Eat World, The Donnas, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, and Switchfoot.This tour will give them their first platform to do the show they’ve wanted to do for years. The exciting, high-energy line-up on ' The Art of Breaking' tour will feature label mate Hawk Nelson, and special guests Credential Recording artist Dizmas and Gotee Records group 4th Avenue Jones. -- ©2005 CCAUTHORITY.COM BREAKING NEWS

September In Focus: Thousand Foot Krutch

Monday, September 19, 2005

Awakening Music Festival 2005

Saturday, September 17, was Awakening Music Fesitval 2005 in Northern Virginia. The event started at 12 PM and featured local bands such as Decypher, and others. At 6PM Warren Barrfield showed up and wowed the audience with his hits "My heart goes out to you" and "Soak it up." He also played a three songs he called "songs I wish I had wrote." He closed up with his awesome song "Mistaken" which says "I want to be mistaken for Jesus. This should be all of our hearts' desire, to live a life like Christ
After Warren, Bethany Dillon, a young talented teenager impressed the crowd with her hits "All I need" and "Beautiful." She played the acoustic guitar and was backed up by the drummer and bassist from Jeremy Camp. Her rich vocals were seen on her song Dreamer, a song included in the upcoming movie of the same title.
Next came the Christian group from South Africa, Tree63. Deriving their name from the trees in the Bible, such as the cross, and Psalm 63, these guys showed their rich faith in songs such as Treasure , King, and their smash hit "Blessed be the name." The lead singer/guitarist had the crowd jumping, waving arms, and worhipping God all to incredible vocals and insane guitar riffs.
Jeremy Camp concluded the evening, and he was incredible. I've always been impressed by his music, but he absolutely incredible live. He started us out with his worship song "I will worship" then moved into his rock hit "stay", the title of his first album. Then he moved on to his newest radio hit "Take you back" and here talked about a Christian and his walk with Christ, how we all stumble and fall, but God is always ready to take us back, His love never changes. He worked the crowd with "Lay down my pride" and "Right here." but then he and his band did an acoustic set, with songs like "Empty me", "Understand", and some praise songs.
He concluded the evening with "I still believe", a new song "Open up your eyes" (one of his best songs ever) which will be on the Chronicles of Narnia CD, "I will walk by faith" and "Take my life." He was incredible, with his driving rock music, deep lyrics, and overall profound message of God's love for us.
The evening was a blast, and I am definitely looking forward to next year and would encourage all who can to come out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

In Focus: The art of Breaking

The Art of Breaking
Highlights: Absolutes, Breathe You in

Thousand Foot Krutch carved their own niche in Christian music...a mix of rock and rap blended with awesome guitars, catchy riffs, and great vocals.
Their latest release is a little more personal, little more emotional and up front with you. The lead off song "Absolutes" sets the tone with the cry "We want the Truth, give us the absolute." Today's society bombards us with their version of the truth, what's real, what's important...and in today's classrooms we are taught that truth is relative, be tolerant, etc...Pilate asked an important question of Jesus, "What is truth?" Truth can only be found in Christ and His Word.
The second track sort of defines TFK music-- rocking guitar, with a mix of rap and rock vocals. The title track tells the story of every person's art of breaking...we've all been there before, lost without God, without a savior. But the Devil no longer has a hold on us. It also speaks of people who will let us down, but we know that God said "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."
Some of the music sounds like al the rest, with the same beats and strum patterns. Some of the songs are forgetable, such as "Move" and "Hurt." But the last song, "Breathe You in" makes up for it all. Arguably this is their best song to date. An incredible blend of smooth vocals, with a slow beat, and incredible lyrics, makes you want the group to go all emo. The lyrics describe all Christians feelings, we want to breathe Christ in to our life, into every part of our being.

Over all, the CD is a seller. It might be their breakthrough album.
My take: B+

In the beginning...

Music takes on many different forms, many styles, and conveys many messages. Whether through the beat, the lyrics, or the artists' themselvs, music is one of today's leading influence on the youth.
Today's Christian music takes on many forms as well...from pop to metal, punk to rap, Christian music has it all. This site is dedicated to bringing you the latest news on Christian music, upcoming releases, album reviews, and local concert lisitings. My prayer is that God will use this to His glory, and speak through it, to you.