Tuesday, September 13, 2005

In Focus: The art of Breaking

The Art of Breaking
Highlights: Absolutes, Breathe You in

Thousand Foot Krutch carved their own niche in Christian music...a mix of rock and rap blended with awesome guitars, catchy riffs, and great vocals.
Their latest release is a little more personal, little more emotional and up front with you. The lead off song "Absolutes" sets the tone with the cry "We want the Truth, give us the absolute." Today's society bombards us with their version of the truth, what's real, what's important...and in today's classrooms we are taught that truth is relative, be tolerant, etc...Pilate asked an important question of Jesus, "What is truth?" Truth can only be found in Christ and His Word.
The second track sort of defines TFK music-- rocking guitar, with a mix of rap and rock vocals. The title track tells the story of every person's art of breaking...we've all been there before, lost without God, without a savior. But the Devil no longer has a hold on us. It also speaks of people who will let us down, but we know that God said "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."
Some of the music sounds like al the rest, with the same beats and strum patterns. Some of the songs are forgetable, such as "Move" and "Hurt." But the last song, "Breathe You in" makes up for it all. Arguably this is their best song to date. An incredible blend of smooth vocals, with a slow beat, and incredible lyrics, makes you want the group to go all emo. The lyrics describe all Christians feelings, we want to breathe Christ in to our life, into every part of our being.

Over all, the CD is a seller. It might be their breakthrough album.
My take: B+


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