Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In Focus: TFK history

Thousand Foot Krutch (September's InFocus group) has three major label albums, their most recent being "The Art of Breaking." Their first album is arguably their best. "Phenomenom" is one of Christian rock's best albums ever. TFK sets the pace with the title track, including heavy guitar riffs and a pounding beat. This song, and their rock anthem "Rawkfist" received much radio airplay and "Rawkfist" even made it to the X2004 compilation CD. Trevor (their lead singer) shows his talent vocally on the song "Bounce" mixing rock with rap. One of their most lyrically deep songs, "Faith, love and hapiness" shows how the world comes at us hard with it's desires and distractions, but all we need is Faith, Love, and hapiness. TFK shows their strength on the emo song "This is a call" telling the story of people who are calling out for help, in a world that leaves you high and dry. It isn't a heavy rock song, but more of a slow-paced emo song that is arguably the best on the record.
Their second release, "Set it off" was actually released before "Phenomenon" but not widely. Their first indie release "That's what people do" was followed by "Set if off." After the smash hit with "Phenomenon" they re-released "set it off" including one brand new song, and five songs from their original indie release. The aggresive-rock style shines bright on the opening song, "Everyone like me" where they sing songs to "everyone like me, not afraid to stand alone..." Highlight tracks include "When in doubt" where their emo style is seen, and "Small town" telling the story of a lonely girl's search for meaning in a small town, and finally finding it in "Jesus." The songs off of their original indie release are the last six songs and aren't as heavy musically, but are extremely deep lyrically. In fact, they even include a straight up worship song, "Lift it" where they lift up praise to God, to whom they owe their all. The concluding song "The alternative song" gives the details of how a song is supposed to go, and includes a great beat.
Overall both CDs are sellers, and show how TFK is one of Christian rock's headlining artists.


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