Monday, September 19, 2005

Awakening Music Festival 2005

Saturday, September 17, was Awakening Music Fesitval 2005 in Northern Virginia. The event started at 12 PM and featured local bands such as Decypher, and others. At 6PM Warren Barrfield showed up and wowed the audience with his hits "My heart goes out to you" and "Soak it up." He also played a three songs he called "songs I wish I had wrote." He closed up with his awesome song "Mistaken" which says "I want to be mistaken for Jesus. This should be all of our hearts' desire, to live a life like Christ
After Warren, Bethany Dillon, a young talented teenager impressed the crowd with her hits "All I need" and "Beautiful." She played the acoustic guitar and was backed up by the drummer and bassist from Jeremy Camp. Her rich vocals were seen on her song Dreamer, a song included in the upcoming movie of the same title.
Next came the Christian group from South Africa, Tree63. Deriving their name from the trees in the Bible, such as the cross, and Psalm 63, these guys showed their rich faith in songs such as Treasure , King, and their smash hit "Blessed be the name." The lead singer/guitarist had the crowd jumping, waving arms, and worhipping God all to incredible vocals and insane guitar riffs.
Jeremy Camp concluded the evening, and he was incredible. I've always been impressed by his music, but he absolutely incredible live. He started us out with his worship song "I will worship" then moved into his rock hit "stay", the title of his first album. Then he moved on to his newest radio hit "Take you back" and here talked about a Christian and his walk with Christ, how we all stumble and fall, but God is always ready to take us back, His love never changes. He worked the crowd with "Lay down my pride" and "Right here." but then he and his band did an acoustic set, with songs like "Empty me", "Understand", and some praise songs.
He concluded the evening with "I still believe", a new song "Open up your eyes" (one of his best songs ever) which will be on the Chronicles of Narnia CD, "I will walk by faith" and "Take my life." He was incredible, with his driving rock music, deep lyrics, and overall profound message of God's love for us.
The evening was a blast, and I am definitely looking forward to next year and would encourage all who can to come out.


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