Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back in the saddle: The return of Jennifer Knapp

After five years of not so much as a posting on her blog, let alone a concert, press release or even a youtube video, Jennifer Knapp is back! Just a few weeks ago, Knapp played at a small, trendy bar in the heart of Hollywood to a sold out crowd: no surprise as Knapp's sudden departure from the music scene in 2004 came as a shock to all fans. Knapp, who has sold nearly 1 million albums, last released new music in 2001 (The Way I Am), is apparently set to release new music in early 2010, according to her newly revamped blog. Jennifer Knapp's concert in California will be followed up by another performance on October 28 alongside Phillip LaRue in New York, again at a small venue, as well as a November 10 concert slated in Tennesssee.

Not much is known about what Jennifer did in her 5-year hiatus. However, an article written on Christianty Today's website gives some clues from the concert that she performed, and also gives a taste of what five years has done to the folk-rock singer that we all have truly missed. Welcome back Jennifer!


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