Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In:News 4-22

Anberlin is getting ready to release their next studio project of original songs, New Surrender, sometime in August. The CD will follow on the heels of Cities, their last set of original songs, and most recently in November their Lost Songs, which featured never-before released acoustic and demo versions of previous songs, as well as covers of other artists.

Speaking of new music from big artists, Third Day is gearing up to release their first studio album in three years. The band has spent the last couple years touring and released a greatest hits album (Chronology I). The new lineup of original songs will feature several guest vocalists including the lead singer of Flyleaf (Lacey Mosley) and Chris Daughtery. The first single from the album, "Call my name" has already been released to great acclaim.

Singer/songwriter and worship leader Matt Maher is preparing to perform in front of a revered audience: the pope. Maher, who just released his debut album Empty & Beautiful, says he is humbled nad excited to have this opportunity to play during the Pope's visit on May 19th to New York City. The performance will take place during a youth rally in Yonkers, NY.


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