Monday, December 04, 2006

In:brief: December 4

Jars of Clay has wrapped up the final leg of its most recent tour, Good Monsters, promoting its album of the same title. The group toured with former Sixpence None the Richer singer Leigh Nash filling venues worldwide. In other Jars news, their song "Work" can be heard this week promoting the TV shows "House" and "Standoff."

Michael W. Smith's 19th studio release, Stand, is #1 atop many charts, including the Nielson Christian chart and the Combined SoundScan charts. The album is being hailed as his best project since the early 90s. In other Smitty news, he is embarking on his Christmastime tour this month.

And finally, Christianity Today took another look at the group Evanescence and their spiritual ties. The website reviewed some of the songs off of their latest album, The Open Door, drawing out some of the group's spiritual searching. The article can be found here.


Blogger Full Quiver dad said...

Don't even think of calling Evanescence a "Christian" group, much less calling the two band members Christians. If you are researching the Christianity Today article, follow the link to the Entertainment Weekly interview they did. Amid the F-bombs and flipping each other off, they totally disdain being linked with Christian music.

I for one am soooo tired of Christianity Today, CCM, and so many others who appear to be scouring lyrics for any words which can be construed or mis-construed as being spiritual.

If you want to think that U2 or Creed or Evanescence are "Christian", well you are certainly entitled to believe what you want. But personally, I want the music to which I listen to be instrumentally provocative and lyrically straightforward.

I don't want to guess at whether or not someone is referring to a girlfriend\boyfriend or to God or Jesus Christ. Just come out and say it and don't worry about whether your record sells or if you'll get radio airplay. If God wants your music to get airplay, it'll happen.....ask MercyMe!

This morning, I listened to a CD by Jonah 33. When I got through listening, I was ecstatic! Imagine, a mix of heart-tugging ballads, songs devoted to social issues and paying homage to one's earthly father, combined with serious rock guitars, gutteral vocals and lyrics that tell you without a doubt that they worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

Wow! What a concept! Singing lyrics that actually tell people what you believe.... rather than leaving them guessing!

12/04/2006 11:52 AM  
Blogger Strider said...

Whoa! Watch out with my Creed and U2 there ;-)

12/10/2006 10:35 PM  

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