Friday, September 29, 2006

Looking Forward (To Christmas)

While it may seem that we just entered the Fall season and Winter with all its snow and yes, Christmas music, is a long way off, several Christian music artists are already gearing up for the holiday season. While just entering October, several bands and artists are set to release their first recordings of Christmas music.

Getting a jump start on all others, Todd Agnew releases his third album this coming Tuesday, entitled Do You See what I See. This looks to be the most unique and enjoyable Christmas recording of the last few years. Instead of recording popular Christmas carols about wreaths and candles, Agnew pens the Christmas story through a series of songs. Each song comes from the perspective of one of the observers of the birth of Christ. From the innkeeper to the wisemen, Todd gives a whole new insight to the Christmas story. The only traditional song is the opening "Prelude: Do you hear what I hear." The other ten tracks are all original works, and most feature guest vocals from the likes of members of Watermark, Jonah33 and others. The CD features Todd's distinct bluesy voice, but the music is wide and breaks out of the mold of his last two releases, promising to be an enjoyable listen.

Third Day, coming off their 7th gold selling album Wherever You Are, the Georgian group is set to put out the third release in their Offerings series: Christmas Offerings. The Cd (October 10), set in the mold of its two predecessors, will feature 11 tracks, some live and some recorded in a studio. Four of the tracks are original pieces while the other 7 are classics, including "O Holy Night" and "O Come all ye Faithful." The album looks to be a success, with typical southern rock vocals from lead singer Mac Powell and uncharacterisic music, including violins and chimes.

Finally, several other artists are set to release collections of popular Christmas tunes, including Sandy Patty- The Voice of Christmas. So, even if it is still sunny with a high of 75, turn down the thermostat, heat up some cocoa and get ready for the holiday music!


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