Friday, February 10, 2006

Yahoo! Music: Who's Next

One of music's best kept secrets is Yahoo! Music. At Yahoo! Music, you can access everything related to your favorite artists, including discography, biography, influences, and even watch artists' music videos free of charge. But the best feature Yahoo! offers is their "Who's Next" category, where each month, users vote for their favorite up and coming artist, and Yahoo! brings them into the studio to perform a song live, and also to do an exclusive interview. While much of what Yahoo! brings in is not worth your time, over the last year, Yahoo! has featured 5 Christian artists! Among the likes of secular bands Hawthorne Heights and My Chemical Romance, Yahoo! has brought in Eisley, Mae, Copeland, Relient K, and this month's group, BarlowGirl.

By going to Yahoo! Music and with a decent internet connection, you can view BarlowGirl playing their smash hit "Never Alone." The recording quality is actually incredilby well done, and the song rocks better than their CD version. Also included is an artist interview, where BarlowGirl is extremely upfront about their faith.
Props to Yahoo! Music for giving Christian music an outlet to the public.


Blogger Divided_Heart said...

Yea for Eisley!!!! I'll have to go out there sometime, thanks for the info!!!

2/11/2006 4:47 PM  

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