Monday, February 06, 2006

InFocus: Derek Webb in concert w/ Scott Kemper

Friday evening in New London, VA, saw Derek Webb and Liberty University's own Scott Kemper in concert at a small community Church. Blue Ridge Community Church hosted the incredible concert, highlighting Caedmon's Call's own Derek Webb.
The evening opened with small time artist Scott Kemper from neighboring Liberty University. Scott has released one album, "Ocean's Roar" that showcases his incredible musical and vocal skills. Friday night he lead the crowd in some original, as well as cover worship songs, including "Ocean's Roar" and closing with the awesome song "No Greater Love."
Following Scott's act, Derek Webb, formerly from Christian pop group Caedmon's Call, performed. Derek has just released his third full length studio album, Mockingbird, and spent a good deal of the concert showcasing its songs. The title "Mockingbird" deals with Webb's thoughts on a mockingbird's mimicking others, and it's relation to his life. His song "New Law" holds no punches back, pointing out our tendency to not "wanting to know, if the answer's not easy...just give me a new law."
The most notable thing about Webb (besides his white t-shirts) is his powerful lyrics. Webb writes much about the Church, encouraging, but also condemning her. Arguably the best song of the evening was "Wedding Dress" in which Webb parallels the Church to a whore when it "puts you (Jesus) on just like a wedding dress and run down the aisle." Webb's vocals were backed solely by his own guitar, which made for an even better performance. Webb drew on his latest cd and his first offering "She must and shall go free", as well as playing several songs from Caedmon's Call's "40 Acres" record.
In between songs, Webb gave listeners a look into his life, including the joys, and complications of marriage, songwriting, and life in general. He finished up the concert with his masterpiece "Lover" off of his first album. This song, with it's heart-piercing lyrics, proves that Derek Webb is one of the finest singer/songwriters of his generation. Rock on, Derek!


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