Tuesday, March 21, 2006

InFocus: Happy

After Matthew's near death experience (see previous post) he had much to be happy about. Thus, when he put out his first full-length album, the title Happy was apropo. In his pop/rock style, Matthew recorded 10 tracks full of praise to God, encouragement to Christians, and an overall postitive vibe.
The opening track, "More" speaks of God's love for us, a love that sent His own Son to the cross. He loves us "More than you can imagine, more than you can fathom...more than the sun and the stars that I taught how to shine." The title track sorta sums up the entire message of the album: "Doesn't really matter 'cause I got You with me I think I don' t have to be so down, down, down, down, down. I should be happy I should be happy I should be living up these days Just like I know who runs this place Now that you found me I should be happy." With God's love and protection around us all the time, we have no reason to be upset or depressed. And even when the difficulties and trials of life do come, we always have someone to turn to, One who is right by our side, which is the subject of another of Matthew's songs.
"If the whole wide world is on your back If the strength you need is the strength you lack If you're in a crowd but all alone If you can't stay here but you can't go home If you can't answer all the why's 'Cause you're to tired to reach that high I want you to, I need you to remember. If you ever need me You know where to find me I will be waiting where I've always been If you ever need me You know where to find me I have never left you, I'm where I've always been Right by your side." Arguably, this is the best song on the record.
Following the "Happy" theme, the song "The End" talks about how even when your parade gets rained on, it's not the end of the world, in fact "It's just another day depending on grace." The song concludes with a hilarious monologue of Matthew saying/singing "It's not the end I bet you're wondering when this song's gonna end But it's not the end Cause I'm singing this song and I get to decide when it's the end And it's not the end Well it's almost the end I guess you could say it's nearing the end But it's not the end It's not the end It's not the end It's almost the end Ok I think it's the end" demonstrating his kid-at-heart nature.
Besides talking about being happy, Matthew also challenges Christians in their Spiritual walk. In "The Lie" Matthew addresses sexual purity and the world's claim that "Everybody's doing it" so it must be alright. But as Matthew says: "Don't believe the lie." In the song "Finest Hour" Matthew addresses the paradox that is Christianity. Jesus taught that being weak, we will be strong, being poor we are rich. "Well everything is opposite down here. The strong surive and the rest just disappear. But your philosophy is more unique. You say I'll be stronger when I'm weak This will be my finest hour"
Perhaps the most beautiful song on the album is "Out of my Hands." In the song, Matthew sings about how God changes our plans, our dreams, our visions. Everytime we get comfortable, it seems like we're being uprooted and our comfort zone is penetrated. But when life goes crazy and nothing seems right, when "it's out of my reach...there's too many things that I don't understand...it's into your will and out of my hands." An awesome thought!
Matthew's vocal skills, catchy beats and melodies, but mostly his incredible songwriting abilities make this CD a great listen. Its upbeat nature makes it a great listen for all, and with each song being stellar, it won't dissapoint listeners.


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